Autumn Festivals

As autumn comes or is nearing, the colours of the cultural programmes in Budapest get even more vivid than in hot summers.

There are various exciting festivals to visit in September and October. Some of the highlights are:

Budapest Wine Festival & Fair

Budapest Wine Festival & Fair

Budapest Wine Festival: the best Hungarian wines, and the best wines of a guest country – the festival spans over 5 days in the romantic surroundings of the Buda Castle on the Castle Hill of Budapest. Great views, relaxed programme, good music concerts and more. Organized around mid Sep.

Budapest Autumn Festival: cultural festival featuring high-end classical music concerts, art exhibitions, performance artists in various locations in Budapest, from the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music (named after the Hungarian composer Franz Liszt) through the Hungarian Opera House to the Palace of Arts by Lagymanyosi Bridge next to the river Danube.

National Gallop (Nemzeti Vagta) is a unique and highly spectacular event. The famous Heroes’ square and its statues turn into a horse race track. An actual horse race track in the middle of the city! National Gallop is so much more about than horse racing though. In addition to the equestrian programmes, there are loads of gastronomical events, concerts and more. Feel the vibe of the Magyar riders of the barbarically glorious past before they settled down and tamed their everydays, and take a look at the 19th century handsome hussars proudly galloping on horseback.

Festivals in autumn / fall, Budapest usually have good weather as oftentimes the heatwaves come in September and October. Nevertheless, be prepared for typical continental autumn / fall weather conditions too: waterproof jackets, shoes and an umbrella will come in handy.