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Budapest is getting more and more ‘halloweeny’. There are dozens of Halloween Parties in Budapest of all music styles (hiphop, rock, metal, R&B, house, electronic, punk, etc.), and there are other Halloween Budapest events for children and families too.

Halloween Budapest - Lantern Festival on Heroes Square

Halloween Budapest – Lantern Festival on Heroes Square


Ideas for the Halloween weekend (around October 31) in Budapest to get some Halloween atmosphere:

Halloween Lantern Festival on Heroes’ Square

Halloween Lantern Festival Budapest Heroes Square

Halloween Lantern Festival Budapest Heroes Square – RichPoi Photography

A very viable tradition started back in 2009: people with Halloween lanterns unite on Hosok tere (Heroes’ square) in the chilly weather around the Hungarian Millennium Monument and place their handmade spooky, ghoulish, funny lanterns on display. Official website of the Budapest Halloween Lantern Festival. The date is usually a Saturday evening around Oct 31:

Halloween Lantern Festival on Vorosmarty Square

Halloween lanterns made from pretty plump pumpkins are also usually on display at Vorosmarty square M1 metro stop (in the heart of Budapest, close to Deak Square). Maybe the organisers are different. Official site:

Halloween at the Budapest Zoo

The Budapest Zoo has a regular Halloween themed weekend around Oct 31, it could even be up to a week long Halloween workshop and fun series for children aged 2 – 14. Under 14 children can enter free of charge during the Budapest Zoo Halloween Festival. There are normally lots of pumpkins to carve and decorate, face painting, interesting exhibitions, 3D shows, etc. Watch out for the Haunted House in Budapest Zoo (coming soon).

Budapest Zoo Halloween

Budapest Zoo Halloween

Halloween Parties in Budapest

Budapest Bath Party Halloween Pool Night

Budapest Bath Party Halloween Pool Night

There are dozens of good  Budapest Halloween parties of all sorts and location in the best bars and clubs of Budapest, so do keep your eyes open, and if needed, book a place in advance. The best party places will surely get crowded. You can expect to have parties at places like:

Halloween all year round in Budapest

There are some scary attractions / exhibitions in Budapest without featuring a banner with capital letters of HALLOWEEN on it. Some of the places that are worth a visit:

Death Hospital

Hospital in the Rock Budapest Nuclear Shelter

Hospital in the Rock Budapest Nuclear Shelter

Nuclear Bunker, the Rock Hospital in the Buda Castle District: right under the Castle Hill, dozens of waxwork soldiers, doctors and nurses make a horror movie style, but actual ex military hospital come convincingly to life. Chills, and a proof for the theorem: reality is always the scariest. Not a playful spooky place, minimum recommended age is 12 years old.

Room Escape Games

Budapest offers dozens of well designed escape room games packed with puzzles and mysteries. These activities are great for couples, teams and families with various levels of frights and horrors, but one thing is sure: several of them are a great activity for about one hour, real life games, with sound effects, great visuals, and a team who needs to get out! Tick tock, you only have 60 minutes to stay alive. Not for the claustrophobic minds, yes for real gamers. Some of the games are absolutely family friendly (historical and fun), while others are downright scary like a haunted house.

House of Terror Museum

Cellar Cell in House of Terror Budapest

Cellar Cell in House of Terror Budapest

Cold war, secret police headquarters, old film footages, former rooms of communist interrogation? One of the gloomiest places in Budapest is the House of Terror, where again, history has exceeded the dreams of horror film makers. One of the top visited sights in Hungary, and an absolute must see for Halloween holiday makers.

Halloween in Hungary

Halloween has traditionally not been celebrated / observed in Hungary, but as our global culture shifts its valves, Halloween, just like Valentine’s Day, has set its creepy crawly feet in Hungary for good. Hungarians have long observed November 1 as the Day of the Dead, but it is a somber, sad, reflective family day and far from the colourful fun you would see on October 31 in western countries.

Now the fun is spreading slowly but surely.

There are more and more Halloween programmes going on in Budapest, as everyone likes the idea of dressing up and having a bit of a party and fun, kids and adults alike.

If you bump into something noteworthy, let us know in the comments below so that we can add it to our Budapest Halloween Events list.


Dear Halloweeners…..

We would like to invite you our really, origin Halloween Festival on heart of Budapest.
pls bring your own pumpkin, use your own make up, and come.
place : Vörösmarty place (1051)
date : 31,10,2012
time : 18:00 – 21:00

Hi, I’m a tourist in Budapest for Halloween. What’s happening for it?

Wrong email. Reply to this one please. I’m in Budapest for Halloween. Anything fun happening? :)

Hi Jack, now the Budapest Halloween info is updated. There are dozens of Halloween parties, we have only picked the top parties. You can also visit our Budapest event tag for Halloween parties (not all of them are on October 31 so do check the date)

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