Beer Festival Budapest 2011

Beer Festival Budapest 2011

Beer Festival Budapest (Budavari Sorfesztival) will take place from 25th  to 28th August, 2011 in Buda Castle up on the Castle Hill (on top of the hilly Buda side of Budapest).

Beer lovers come and enjoy the golden, brown, pale amber, stout beer rainbow colours and the fizzy bubbles. We hope to see more of the newly born beer fest in Budapest – after all there are great Hungarian beers, so a beer festival was brewing for decades (and indeed there was a smaller scale beer brewery fest in May 2011).

Budapest Beer Festival

Budapest Beer Festival

In addition to the nice refreshing drinks, there will be concerts and other gastronomical pleasures, beer snacks, hot meals, etc.

You may be able to give your comment on which Hungarian beer is the best. Let us know.

Venue: Buda Castle (there are several courts, the venue of Budapest Beer Festival is the Lion Court and the Hunyadi Court: Oroszlános Udvar, Hunyadi Udvar, respectively)

Date: Aug 25-28, 2011

Opening Hours:

25th – 26th Aug: 12.00-03.00 am
27th Aug: 10.00-03.00 am
28th Aug: 10.00-24.00


daily tickets: 1690 HUF (including a mug of beer), free for children under 12

Programmes: the beer fest programmes include several rock, rockabilly, rap, blues concerts. There is a retro disco from midnight on Aug 25, 26, 27.  Lots and lots of beers: from Hungarian beers (Soproni, Dreher, Koleses, Dunai Aszok, Bors, etc.) to international yummies like  Zlaty Bazant, Radeberger, Budweiser, Heineken, Kronenburg, Carlsberg, Edelweiss and more!

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