Budapest Beer Festivals

Buda Castle Beer Festival Budapest

The Beer Festival in the Buda Castle is one of the most popular festivals in Budapest, Hungary. No wonder, the weekend long festival is packed with fantastic beers from Hungary and from other beer nations (Czech, Belgian, German, etc.), the festival venue is in the beautiful Buda Palace with views over the river Danube and its many riverside attractions, and there are many concerts, lovely foods on offer. In 2014 the Cider Court will add some nice ciders to the vast range of beers!

Czech Beer Festival in Budapest

Every summer in June the Czechs come to the heart of Budapest with barrels of liquid gold to the Budapest Czech Beer Festival: really tasty beers mastered since the 13th century when the first Pilsen and Budweis breweries were set up. It may very well be that the Czech Republic has still the highest beer consumption per capita in the world, as was in 2004, and now you have a chance to see why. If you are staying in Budapest in June, you can enjoy a bit of merry Prague in Budapest with dozens of Czech beer brands imported to the Hungarian capital for a few days in June (after the May celebrations in the Prague Beer Fest…).

Craft Beer Festival in Budapest

Beer lovers and craft beer nerds, who are passionate about beers, will unite at the specialty beer event called Fozdefeszt Craft Beer Festival in Budapest, one of the top Budapest festivals. The beer festival is a really pleasant summer time event with lots of local beers on a nice inner city square. The weekend long craft beer fest is organised in early June and in mid September. Fozdefeszt is open from noon to midnight all three days of the beer festival.