Buda Butcher Festival Budapest

Buda Butcher Festival is a brand new meat lover festival in Budapest, which will make happy any meat fans in the cold winters of Budapest. And we are quite sure that it will be a popular Budapest winter festival.

As its name shows, the Budapest Butcher Festival is strictly not for the vegetarian minded visitors, and not for the faint hearted either. There will be a pig killing in butcher style, pig disassembling, foods made from the freshly slaughtered pigs, etc.

Buda Butcher Festival Budapest

Buda Butcher Festival Budapest

Of course, it would not be a festival without some jazz music, palinka (the Hungarian spirit), mulled wines, wines, cheeses, fresh bakery products and cheeses, and even a retro disco.

You may see and smell butcher products that you may not be used to: the internal organs, blood puddings, liver pates, etc. may put you off, if you are not a real carnivore.

The first Buda Butcher Festival Budapest (Budai Hentes Fesztival)is in January 2013.

Theme: Hungarian Butcher Delicacies

Venue: Millenaris Park Budapest

Date: January

Programs at the Budapest Butcher Festival

You can try traditional Hungarian meat products like the popular sausages (similar to the Spanish chorizos, only better… oh, sorry, we had to add that, and we understand if our Spanish visitors completely disagree!), amazing Hungarian salamis.

Yes, the very best of Hungarian salamis you may not even see on the shelves of shops and corner butcheries, as well as bacons, fried meats, kidney with onion and bone marrow, fried liver, Hungarian brawn (disznosajt), Hungarian Kocsonya aka meat jelly (a very thick meat soup cooked till its jelly), Dagado (filled pork stomach), etc.

Hungarian Butcher Festival Budapest

Hungarian Butcher Festival Budapest

Contests at the Budapest Butcher Festival

There will be various meat contests for groups:

  • Contest for pig butchery: how to cut up the pig in the best way
  • Contest for sausage making
  • Run race for butchers with an axe in hand, etc.