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Buda Castle Beer Festival Budapest

The Beer Festival in the Buda Castle is one of the most popular festivals in Budapest, Hungary. No wonder, the weekend long festival is packed with fantastic beers from Hungary and from other beer nations (Czech, Belgian, German, etc.), the festival venue is in the beautiful Buda Palace with views over the river Danube and its many riverside attractions, and there are many concerts, lovely foods on offer. In 2014 the Cider Court will add some nice ciders to the vast range of beers!

Buda Castle Hungary Beer Festival at Night Budapest

Buda Castle Hungary Beer Festival at Night Budapest

If you are a beer lover, get on a cheap flight to Budapest and spend a fun beer themed weekend getaway in Budapest: great value for money and an excellent way to get away from it all (oh yes, hangovers can be cured in Budapest baths excellently).

Dates of the Buda Castle Beer Festival:

June 12-15, 2014

The Buda Castle Beer Festival (Budavari Sorfesztival in Hungarian) is an annual beer fest with no fixed dates: in recent years the beer festival was in June, July or August, so let’s say some time in summer. The opening hours of the festival are quite long, so you can really party in the castle courtyards. Please check the upcoming festival dates in Budapest Events Guide for further details.

Opening hours:

  • Thursday: 15 pm (3pm) to 2 am
  • Friday: 3 pm (noon) to 3 am
  • Saturday: 11 am to 3 am
  • Sunday: 11 am to 12 am (midnight)

Festival Tickets:
1 Day Entry: the full day entry to the beer festival is HUF 1,999 (1999 Hungarian Forints, approx. 7-8 Euros). Your festival ticket includes a mug of beer (approx. a pint).

4 Day Entry: if you are a beer fan who loves festivals, and want to spend more time in the Buda Castle to fully enjoy all the concerts, the beers, the foods, you can buy a multiple day entry to the beer festival for HUF 4,999 (4999 Hungarian Forints, approx. 18-20 Euros). Your festival ticket includes a mug of beer (approx. a pint).

Tip from Budapest Locals: the beer festival offers Hungarian beer specialties, do try some of the local flavors, e.g. Foti Kezmuvessor (Craft Beer from Fot, Hungary)



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