Budapest Hanukkah

Budapest Hanukkah is a major winter event in the Hungarian capital whose Jewish community, which has lost hundreds of thousands during the Holocaust, is still vivid and strong.

Budapest Chanukah

As Hanukkah has no set date, you will need to check the upcoming Chanukkah dates in your calendar (e.g. in 2011 Chanukah was between Dec 20 and 28, in 2012 Hanukkah takes place between December 8 and 16). Hanukkah is always in winter time, sometime between late November and late December, celebrated for 8 days with candle lighting, concerts, theatre performances, live shows, fairs, etc.

Budapest Hanukkah events are organized by the Quarter6Quarter7 Festival organising team. Quarter 6 Quarter 7 (the name refers to the Jewish Quarter of Budapest in District 6 and 7) manages two major Jewish events in Budapest, Pesach (Passover in spring) and Chanukah (Hanukkah in winter). Both are festive events with many thousands of visitors from the countryside of Hungary and from all over the world. The cultural events and fairs are open to all visitors of the city of Budapest.

Budapest Chanukah Menorah
Chanukah at Kek Lo Fashion Pub Budapest
Chanukkah Candle Lighting Blessings Budapest

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Tip: the Grand Synagogue in Dohany Street is closed on Saturdays, the Holocaust Memorial Centerin District IX. is closed on Mondays

Tip: the Jewish Quarter in Budapest also boasts most of the hip and trendy bars of Budapest, the so called ruin pubs. Walk along Kazinczy Street to bump into a dozen of the ruin bars, like Fogashaz, 400, etc.

Dates of Budapest Hanukah

2012: December 8- 16
2013: November 27 – December 5
2014: December 16 – 24
2015: December 6 – 14

The first candle of the Menorah is lit at nightfall of the first date of the Hanukah (as listed above for the upcoming years).

Lat update: November, 2012


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