Budapest Street Food Show in Winter

The gastronomy – culinary festival called Budapest Street Food Show is a young and successful street food event in downtown Budapest. Budapest Street Food Show festival is organized by, which is one of the major gastro guides in Hungary.

Street Food Show Budapest Hold Street Market Hall
Street Food Show in Budapest
Street Food Show Budapest
Budapest StreetFood Show

Budapest Street Food Show

Foods & Drinks at the Winter Street Food Show in Budapest

If you love street food and consider yourself open to the foods of other nations, visiting the Budapest Street Food Show is a good idea to try a range of popular and less known, experimental street food delicacies in Budapest, Hungary. You can try Hungarian savoury snacks (Langos, Dodolle), sweet pastries and cakes (Kurtoskalacs is good for nibbling away),

or twists on classic street foods like hamburger, sandwich, hotdog, etc. But you will also have a chance to sample Hungarian crafts beers, cordials, and more. Fresh rolls, kiflis, loaves of breads will not be missing. And if you are a sausage eater, do try the Hungarian chorizo with mustard and fresh bread. Delicious, rich, juicy and filling.

Venue of Budapest Street Food Show – Winter Edition

The venue of the Budapest Street Food Show is the Hold Street Market Hall in Budapest, just by Szabadsag square in the city centre.

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Onion or Spicy? Chicken or Beef? A little mustard?

Dining Guide is a culinary journal of Hungary who care about the appreciation of Hungarian street food culture, last but not least beautiful Hungarian sausages, sandwiches, Langos, salads, grilled chickens, Hungarian style burgers, freshly baked products, and other yummy things you instantly fall in love with while walking in the streets of Budapest – and walking a lot in Budapest is a must, there is so much to see, look up the facades, look into the courtyards and just keep looking. After many decades of living in Budapest, one still discovers tiny new details.

Budapest Street Food Show FAQ

Here is a short FAQ of the Budapest Street Food Shows.

When is the Budapest Street Food Show?

As it is a young festival, it is hard to tell if there are set dates for the festival. In 2012 the first Budapest Street Food Show took place in early September, then followed by the winter edition in early December (December 6-9, 2012). We will see how the dates will be set for 2013.

Where can I get a food coupon?
First of all, the street food show has its own currency, so you won’t be able to pay by cash or with a card, instead, you will have to buy some local food tickets / coupons. There will be coupon vendors all over the festival, on the stairs and in the mobile ticketing kiosks.

Can I redeem the food coupons if I have not used them all?
Yes, sure: you can re-sell the unused coupon to us and get back your cash during the festival (but not after the festival)

Is there an ATM at the Street Food Festival?
No, there are no ATM machines in the market hall itself, but there are many in a few minutes walk. You had better prepare with a little cash.

Who can I contact if I need help at the Street Food Festival Budapest 2012?
Ask the guys selling coupons or the organizers wearing uniform T-shirts.

Can the Disabled also attend the festival?
Yes, there is a lift to the 1st floor.

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