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If you are visiting Budapest this summer (2011), you will see 2 open air exhibitions that are not so ordinary: one is presented by the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest on the artificial lake of the City Park (big works of art floating, or planted Read more

Hungarian National Gallop (Nemzeti Vagta) in Budapest is a fantastic and crazy idea, and a true must see: not only is it a unique equestrian festival but a major cultural event. During National Gallop Heroes’ square, one of the top attractions in Budapest, is turned Read more

Sweet Days Chocolate and Sweets Festival in Budapest sounds new, and indeed it is. 3 sweet days in Budapest in mid September when orchards turn ripe with sweet sweet life and chocolates turn deep deep brown. If you have a sweet tooth it is a Read more

The Festival of Folk Arts in Budapest (Mestersegek Unnepe) is a very nice authentic cultural programme for the whole family. The 3-4 day festival (from 10 am to 11pm) is in a beautiful scenery: it is on the romantic Budapest Castle Hill, in the Castle district. Read more

Even though Budapest Parade is was not like the New Orleans Mardi Gras or the Berlin Love Parade, it is was a big summer party at the end of August with a growing number of participants. Carnival floats start from the foot of the Chain Bridge Read more

Judafest is a Jewish Festival in Budapest organized by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. It is not the same festival as Budapest Jewish Summer Festival (Zsido Nyari Fesztival), although both take place in the old Jewish district of the city of Budapest. Judafest organizes Read more