Budapest Jewish Festivals & Fairs

There are several Jewish festivals and fairs in Budapest, Hungary: the biggest of all is the prestigious annual Jewish Summer Festival. Besides the mainstream Jewish Summer Festival, several smaller Jewish festivals (shorter, lighter, more kid-friendly and cheaper ones) are organized by Judafest throughout the year.

Last but not least, during the high season, GOUBA Bazaar is a weekly design flea market / colourful fair in Gozsdu Courtyard in Kiraly street, an atmospheric street of the old Jewish Quarters with lots of events all year round. Chances are, if you go to the Jewish Quarters, you will inevitably find something really exciting to do, from concerts and fairs to theatre and dance performances.

Concert at Dohany Street Synagogue - Budapest Jewish Summer Festival

Concert at Dohany Street Synagogue – Budapest Jewish Summer Festival

Jewish Summer Festival

The yearly Jewish Summer Festival is mostly a music festival with a wide array of further events mixed in the programme. The summer festival is in August – September, please take a look at our Top Budapest Event Calendar / Event Guide to the current events in Budapest, Hungary.

Judafest Festivals and Events include various programmes, two of which stand out:

Jewish Gastro Festival, Budapest

The annual Jewish Gastro Festival is an outstanding culinary event if you love trying traditional foods, authentic meals, drinks, wines, etc. The festival is around mid or late November in Budapest.

Summer Street Ball in Kazinczy Street, Budapest

The Kazinczy Street summer ball is a one day event,  usually from 10 am to 6 pm in Kazinczy street Budapest with live concerts, food stalls, children activities, etc. either in May or in June.

In this video you can listen to the Budapest Klezmer Band as they were performing on Kazinczy Street – Judafest Street Ball:

GOUBA Bazaar in Gozsdu Courtyard

Every Sunday from late March till roughly mid October, there are lots of designers, artisans, amateur artists, etc. showcasing their products. The Bazaar is open daily from 10 am to 7 pm in the heart of the city. If you should be looking for decent Hungarian souvenirs, or you are visiting the old Jewish Quarters of Budapest, take a look around the Sunday market.

Quarter6Quarter7 Festival

Twice a year, in April and December, the old Jewish Quarters celebrate with festivities. Read more about the Quarter6Quarter7 Festival, Budapest.