National Gallop Budapest – Nemzeti Vagta 2011

National Gallop Budapest – Nemzeti Vagta 2011

Hungarian National Gallop (Nemzeti Vagta) in Budapest is a fantastic and crazy idea, and a true must see: not only is it a unique equestrian festival but a major cultural event.

National Gallop on Heroes square - Nemzeti Vagta Budapest

National Gallop on Heroes square - Nemzeti Vagta Budapest

During National Gallop Heroes’ square, one of the top attractions in Budapest, is turned into the celebrated site of real horse races. Seriously, can you imagine inner London or the parks in New York with lots and lots of horses and riders? Well, Budapest goes nuts with the spectacular equestrian promenades on Andrassy Avenue (a World Heritage site): horse riders from all over the country show off their fine riding skills and beautiful horses, while Hungarian cuisine can be tried in temp tents set up for the unique equestrian festival in the city of Budapest.

The Magyar tribes who finally settled down in the Carpathian basin and founded the Hungarian state in 896 were fierce horse riders. Over the last 1000+ years horse riding traditions have been proudly kept alive. You will see 19th century uniforms of hussar riders too

National Gallop takes place from 15th to 18th September, 2011. It is the same weekend when Sweets Day Chocolate and Sweets Festival is at the Buda Castle on top of Castle Hill in Budapest, so you can have a superb combined programme for a Budapest getaway.

When: from 15th to 18th September, 2011
Where: Heroes’ Square, Budapest (Hosok tere)

Getting there:  M1 (yellow) metro line to Hosok tere metro station

Official website:

Map of National Gallop (click on the image to enlarge):

National Gallop, Budapest - Map of Nemzeti Vagta

National Gallop, Budapest - Map of Nemzeti Vagta

As the map is in Hungarian, here are some translations for the numbers:
1 Information
2 Tents of towns and villages
3 Catering
4 Crafts
5 Horse race track
6 Gallop hill
7 Heroes square – stand
8 Footpath
9 Viewing stand
10 Start
11 Finish
12 Giant display
13 VIP Village
14 ‘National kitchen’
15 Wine and Palinka village
16 CBA grocery stand
17 Cheese cave
18 Stage
19 Child drawing exhibition
20 Szechenyi horse race track
21 Stables
22 Magyar settlement camp (how Hungarians lived around 896, when the Hungarian state was founded)
23 Horse petting
24 Hungarian Post Office
25 Equestrian Crafts Fair


what date is the national gallop on in 2012? as l will be travelling to Budapest on Sept 20th, and would like to visit it

Hi Susan, I have checked the official website of the National Gallop (Nemzeti Vagta) as well as their facebook page and I’m afraid there is no final date yet. Last year it was in mid Sep but in 2010 it was in early June, so I cannot even give you a guess for the approximate date in 2012. Sorry. You may wish to keep updated via FB
or just return to the site in a few weeks, maybe we will know more in March-April.

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