Fringe Festival Budapest

The Budapest Fringe Festival is for those who prefer the less classical, less traditional arts.

Budapest Fringe Festival in Spring

Budapest Fringe Festival in Spring

As the classy Budapest Spring Festival, the biggest cultural fest in springtime in Hungary, traditionally hosts the more mainstream / ‘old-school’ events, there is a 2-day expansion of the Spring Festival where the alternative and progressive performances are on show: this is Budapest Fringe Fest. Slightly like off-off-Broadway in New York.

Programmes at Budapest Fringe Festival

Some of the programmes in April 2011 as a taster for the eclecticism of the Fringe Festival Budapest:
Hungarian Tribal Bellydancers
Nagy Réka Quartet – jazz
The Three Teadies – world music
Afro Magic (Mbaye Ndiaye and Afro Magic Band) – world music
Theatre Baltazar (performing Erno Szep pieces in Hungarian)
Marcato Ensemble – classical music
Veronilla SmallTheatre
Progressive Story – punk, rock, etc.

Fringe Festival / Budapest, Hungary

Fringe Festival – Budapest, Hungary

Venues at Budapest Fringe Festival

The venues of the various concerts and performances are all in the city centre in ‘Pesti Broadway’, in the 6th district: Thália Színház, Sirály!, Impró, Mai Manó Ház, Crazy Cafe, Hölgyválasz, Instant, Fogasház Kulturális Befogadótér, Rocktogon, INFOPONT – Polish Cultural Institute in Budapest.

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