Obuda Day Festival

Obuda Day in Budapest is a local, non-touristy yet lovely spring festival in the district known as ‘Old Buda’ or Óbuda in Hungarian.

Programmes at Obuda Day Festival

The residents of Obuda celebrate Obuda district with folk concerts & folksy performances, providing interactive workshops for kids, dancing in folk dance houses, trading handmade arts and crafts and filling up with superb authentic Hungarian foods and drinks. It is worth visiting this little cultural festival, about half an hour ride from the city centre, Deak square.

Obuda Day - Local Festival in Budapest

Obuda Day – Local Spring Festival in Budapest

When is Obuda Day Festival?

Obuda Day festival is usually a one day event starting sometime around 10 am until 7 pm in May (there might be late evening programmes though)

How to get to Obuda Day Festival?

From Deak square take M2 red metro line to Batthyany square. Then change to the suburban train called HÉV (say hayve, as in ‘haven’) to Obuda.

 What is Obuda like?

While many parts of Obuda features the communist style identical blocks of flats, Obuda has a really nice central core, an atmospheric square with colourful 19th – 20th century buildings, cobble-stones, cozy restaurants with really good Hungarian cuisine, etc. The main square is tradationally called Main Square (Fo square or in Hungarian Fő tér). Fo square is within walking distance from Arpad bridge, the bridge, which is at the northern tip of Margaret Island (Margitsziget).

Kerekes Band at Obuda Day - Budapest Festivals

Kerekes Band at Obuda Day – Budapest Festivals (photo by Dia Barocsi)

When you get to Florian square you will see the blocks of flats ‘panoramic view’: the historical lovely Fo square is hidden behind these ugly buildings.

Note: when the now known city of Budapest was born in the 19th century with the fusion of Buda and Pest, Obuda was the silent third partner, i.e. Budapest was made up of 3 towns: Buda, Pest and ‘Old Buda’ (on the Buda side as the name suggests).
Several restaurants in the district will have an approx. 10 % discount on its prices on Obuda Day.

Here’s a short video of Obuda Day festival (in Hungarian, but the little film snippets of previous Obuda Day festivals speak for themselves)

Official site of Obuda Day Festival: ObudaNapja.hu