Steaming Hot Festival Budapest: Gozolgo

Steaming Hot Festival Budapest: Gozolgo

The Steaming Hot Festival of Budapest is a short but lovely hot drink themed beverage and food fair in the heart of Budapest. The venue of  Gozolgo Fesztival is Elisabeth Square (Erzsebet Ter), one of the nicest bars / clubs / concert venues in Budapest. What can you try at the Steaming Hot Festival?

Gozolgo Festival Budapest

Gozolgo Festival Budapest (

By heated lamps you can enjoy wonderfully refreshing and heart warming hot drinks, a perfect open air drink in winter Budapest, home made style foods, street foods, etc. Many Budapest restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. are present with their most popular and unique winter fare.

Venue: Akvarium Club and Elisabeth Square Budapest
Opening hours: from 12 pm to 10 pm on festival days

Some of the best hot drinks in town offered by various vendors:

  • coffees
  • teas
  • hot chocolates
  • mulled wines
  • rum punch
  • rum hot cocktails (grog)
  • bombardino
  • palinka

The annual steaming hot drink festival is in February, the venues and dates may change each year. The first Gozolgo Festival was held in 2012.

Budapest Gozolgo Festival February

Budapest Gozolgo Festival ( Photo)


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