Mangalitsa Festival

Mangalitsa Festival (or in Hungarian Mangalica Fesztival) is an annual winter festival in Budapest, which celebrates a furry pig creature called ‘mangalica’ and its special meat.

Mangalitsa Festival – Hungarian Mangalica

Mangalitsa Festival is a true gastro festival with lots of live music. The merry winter festival is held every February on Szabadsag square, in a beautiful green park close to the Hungarian Parliament (formerly the festival was in the Vajdahunyad Castle, Budapest but as it has grown bigger, the piggy fest moved to the city centre).

Admission fees to the Mangalitsa Festival, Budapest

Mangalitsa Festival Budapest / Mangalica Fesztival

Mangalitsa Festival Budapest / Mangalica Fesztival

How much does it cost to get to the Mangalitsa Festival? The good news is that there is no entrance fee to the Budapest Mangalitsa Festival.

About Mangalitsa Pigs and Meat Products

Mangalica is a hairy pig, and an indigenous breed in Hungary (bred since around 19th century). Its pork is truly delicious, strikingly different from the usual pork meat you can buy at supermarkets (no exaggeration, the difference in taste is much like eating a home made strawberry jam and a cheap brand jam labelled as ‘strawberry jam’).

If mangalitsas are kept in a traditional setting, their meat gets more muscular, and healthier – much healthier than the average pork gained from mass bred pigs. Their renaissance has just started and mostly only gourmand visitors have heard about mangalitsa outside of Hungary, although its meat is sold in the US, Spain, etc. too.

The official website is: (there are several mangalitsa fests in Hungary, e.g. in Debrecen too, so make sure you are looking at the Budapest Mangalitsa Festival)

Mangalica (mon-gol-its-ah) looks like this (click to enlarge):

Hungarian Red Mangalitsa - Mangalica furry pig, Hungary

Hungarian Red Mangalitsa – photo from

You can also try Mangalitsa meat at various Budapest restaurants, like Csaologany 26 Restaurant,

Mangalitsa meat products can be bought at several places all over Budapest, including the Central Market Hall by the Liberty Bridge, and some of the grocery stores and big supermarkets, where Pick Mangalitsa products are sold:

Mangalitsa, Hungary - Pick Mangalica Products

Mangalitsa, Hungary – Pick Mangalica Products

There is a Mangalica specialty shop in Hungary, the only one in the county, close to Moricz Zsigmond square, called the Huspatika. It is about an 8-12 min walk from Gellert Bath at the foot of the Gellert Hill, Budapest. The address of Huspatika is: 50 Bartók Bela way, Budapest in the 11th district (District XI), postcode 1111.

You can buy all sorts of mangalitsa products, mangalica salamis, mangalica sausages, mangalitsa bacon, mangalitsa lard, etc.

Mangalica Products at Huspatika, Budapest:

Mangalitsa Products at Huspatika, Budapest

Mangalitsa Products at Huspatika, Budapest

Mangalica Leg at Huspatika, Budapest:

Mangalitsa Leg at Huspatika, Budapest

Mangalitsa Leg at Huspatika, Budapest

And here’s how funky, jazz, folk motifs and mangalitsa meat can be mixed in Huspatika Mangalica specialty shop: I feel FOOD video:


Last updated: May, 2012